Travel Tip: Snap Your Map


The full-size Lonely Planet Eastern Europe was an invaluable tool on my most recent trip.  It also clocks in at 1060 pages.  It’s bigger than my cute purse, and while I could put it in my ugly, practical purse it wouldn’t leave room for essentials like an Evian atomizer and my hair brush.  What’s my solution?  Easy!  I snap my map!  Yup, I photograph the pages of the book that are relevant to the place I’m visiting, and then when I need to consult a map, find a restaurant or check an attraction’s opening hours I just review the photos on my camera until I find the relevant page.  You can definitely do the same thing on your smartphone, but I like using my camera because it’s less conspicuous (it just looks like I’m reviewing my photos).

To make your load even lighter, grab a knife!  Before I went to Eastern Europe I cut out the sections for the countries I knew I definitely wouldn’t be visiting.  I clipped them together and stored them in a safe place for future trips.  So while my guidebook usually stays in the hostel, it takes up 200 pages less space than when I bought it!