Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I receive no incentive from American Apparel even if you buy every single one of the remaining skirts!

In an earlier post I mentioned how much I love wearing knee-length skirts when I travel.  And these skirts, now in the clearance bin on American Apparel’s website (July 2014 update: they are officially sold out!), are my absolute favorite.  Over the years I’ve owned them in dark pink, bright pink, green, sky blue, navy (two!) and grey.  When I worked in Mexico these made up the bulk of my work attire- I’d make the hot walk to work in a skirt with a tank tucked in, then throw on a lightweight blazer when I got into the air-conditioned office.  When I backpack I do the same thing (sans blazer) but with a t-shirt or tank, and cover with a little cropped cardigan when the situation, or weather, calls for it.

A lot of people mistake my top-and-skirt combo for a cute A-line dress.  Pair with cute flats, wedge heels or flip-flops.  These skirts wash like a dream and can by dried in the dryer or on a rack.  If you buy a dark color, I would suggest washing separately first to avoid any dye run-off (which is an especially big problem when you’re traveling in places that use harsh detergents).

Sadly, the color and size selection isn’t what it once was, but there are quite a few options still available.  While I often wear size medium in other AA clothes (and a large in their underwear to avoid thong-induced muffin top), I’m comfortable wearing these skirts in a small as long as I wear them more high-waited, right under my bust.  If you want to wear them at your navel, then size up.  At ten dollars a pop my recommendation is to buy them all- I promise you’ll love them!

Update 2018: Interlock High Waist Skirt can now only be found on Amazon. If you accidentally find an online store that sells this skirts, then make sure to buy a yearly supply. Unfortunately, they are sold out everywhere. Due to their comfortable material, women have gone crazy over this skirt.You can wear them to work, while traveling, taking a casual walk and going out. They are made for multiple purposes. If you can’t find the original skirt, then there are a lot of dupes online.


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