WPC: Beginning in Barcelona

sants estacio

I moved to Barcelona, Spain the day after I graduated from university.  I was twenty years old with a Bachelor of Arts degree, had never spoken a word of Spanish (much less Catalan!) and had never lived more than a twelve-hour drive away from my parents.  I’ve mentioned before that at first I found it very difficult to be alone abroad.

However, this photo marks the beginning of my love affair with travel.  I took it on November 15, 2004, my first full day of living abroad.  It was taken from the top of the double-decker tourist bus in Barcelona, near Sants Estacio.  I know it’s a terrible photo of a completely banal scene, but at the time I was completely amazed by the juxtaposition of these two facades; I had never seen buildings with textures like these before, much less two of them side-by-side!  Little did I know how many different architecture styles (amongst other things…) I hadn’t yet discovered!