Asia can seem overwhelming, especially if you have never been before. In general, all Asian countries are relatively safe for travel, especially Thailand. It is not only an excellent destination for first-time solo female travelers, but it’s also an ideal location for first – time trip to Asia.

Thailand is an easy place to travel; it has excellent infrastructure and well-organized tourist’s attractions. You can go in between the islands in a matter of hours. Many women are concerned for their safety when traveling alone, but with Thailand case, there is no need to worry. If you are wondering is thailand safe to travel alone, then the simple answer would be yes. But, if you ask me is bangkok safe, my answer would be maybe.

Catcalling and street harassment are non-existent

We often worry about these issues when traveling alone, but in Thailand, it’s almost disconcerting how pleasant it is. If someone yells at you while you walk down the street, it will be a foreign tourist and not a Thai. People are charming and friendly towards foreigners, so you have no reason to worry.

The streets are crowded all night

This might be a surprising fact, but people are out all night. The cities are full of life and it means you will never be alone on the street. Regardless of time you choose to get out, you will always meet someone.

People are kind and welcoming

In general, all Asian people are kind and the same rule applies to Thais. They are a lot more open and ready to help you, which is a soothing fact, considering you are across the world.

Safety tips

When you are visiting the temple, don’t touch the monk, it a strict rule they follow. If you want to give him something, then put it on table and he will collect it. Thai women tend to cover up more than Western ones. If you want to blend into this surroundings, then try to dress a bit more conservatively.

Make sure to keep your drinks close to you and don’t take beverages from strangers. Don’t leave your drinks sitting at the table while you go to the toilet.Don’t drink too much; you should be aware of your surroundings. Especially be aware of ubiquitous bucket contrails.Lock all your valuable things in the hotel safe, just bring the essentials with you.

Take VIP buses. Many travel agencies will send you on backpacker buses, but they have drivers who are forced to work long hours and they take amphetamines to get through day and stay awake. Locals take VIP buses, so demand the same treatment.

Don’t avoid street food because it’s heat of Thailand. Here you will have a unique opportunity to try their national cuisine and experience various flavors. Only choose street stands where there is a high turnover. You may want to start with vegetarian food and then switch to meat. Thai cuisine is very spicy so it may upset your stomach.

Don’t do drugs in Thailand. They have strict regulations which can lead to prison. If you get caught with drugs, then the police have the right to requites urinalysis. In some cases, corrupt cops can take away your passport are request huge money to get it back.




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